Cricket Bingo!

Up at 2am watching England play Bangladesh? Need some entertainment? Why not play along with cricket bingo! 

Geoffrey Boycott:

Geoffrey Boycott

Shane Warne:

Famous for his dreadful droning about garlic Naans and Ravi Bopara, Shane Warne is a commentary bingo favourite!

Warne split screen
Shane Warne

Ian Botham

Never in the history of cricket commentary has one man known all the answers to every question, been everywhere, and done everything. He’s been saying it all along..

Ian Botham

Mark Nicholas

Just annoying….So so so so annoying. Expert at using really lame superlatives and descriptive words over and over and over again.

Mark Nicholas beach
Mark Nicholas

 Nasser Hussain

A slightly more benign sort of annoying.. and an uncanny resemblance to Vladmir Putin.


 Nick Knight Bingo


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