An Interview with Noam Chomsky

The Colossus

chommersNoam Chomsky needs little in the way of introduction. A pioneer in modern linguistics, he taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for more than 50 years and remains an emeritus professor there. But it is of course for his dissidence and activism that he is most famous.

Professor Chomsky impressed himself upon the public consciousness in the Sixties as a principled left-wing critic of the monstrous crime that was the Vietnam War. His opposition was embodied in a now-seminal essay — “The Responsibility of Intellectuals” — and he was arrested numerous times for his activism.

The succeeding decades have seen Chomsky continue with singular and even-tempered constancy to expose and condemn Western imperialism and the economic paradigm within which it occurs. His many influential books — among them Manufacturing Consent (with Edward S. Herman) and Chomsky on Anarchism — are notable not just for their scholarly exactitude but for…

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